Buy Reebok C5.8E LE elliptical cross trainer with ipod docking station

Reebok C58The Reebok C5.8E Limited Edition Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the best cross trainers on the market today. It is manufactured to a very high quality, is sturdy, functional, has a black gloss finish and comes with an ipod docking station and built in speakers to keep you entertained whilst you are working out. This limited edition cross trainer comes with a unique number as only five hundred have been made. It also has a crystal LCD console which changes colour with your heart rate which is read with the Polar heart rate belt. The console will also display revolutions per minute, speed, time, distance and calories burned. The footplates are adjustable and also cushioned giving extra protection to your joints. This makes the trainer adjustable for people of all sizes and by adjusting the stride length you can challenge your muscles at different levels.

Reebok C85 dockThe Reebok trainer provides a nice smooth workout session thanks to its M-Force EMS electro induction which is controlled through the console. It possesses a fly wheel weight of 10kg and resistance levels of 25 to 400 watts moving in increments of 5 watts, allowing for more precise training settings. It operates twelve different programmes and another five custom settings to include aerobic, fat burn, weight loss and performance modes. This allows multiple users to create a programme specifically for them and save it in the user profile memory which can accommodate nine user inputs. It also includes floor level adjustment, a bottle and holder and a two year parts and labour warranty. This product is a great addition to any home gym.

Compare cheap prices and buy Reebok C5.8E LE elliptical cross trainer below. Available in various colours.



Reebok C5.8E LE Elliptical Cross Trainer Features:

  • iPod docking station
  • M-Force EMS Electro resistance controlled from the console
  • Smooth silent operation
  • 10Kg flywheel
  • LCD Display console that shows time, calories, distance, speed and heart rate
  • 9 user profiles
  • Pulse rate controlled programmes
  • Soft pad footplates for further comfortablity
  • Floor level adjustment
  • Bottle and holder
  • Handlebar pulse rate sensors
  • Adjustable footplates and handlebars for added convenience
  • Max user weight: 150kg
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Dimensions: 162cm x 140cm x 58cm (HxLxW)
  • Warranty: 2 Year parts and labour

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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